How to Survive Furniture Shopping with Small Children!

Are you in need of new furniture, but have to take the kiddos with you while you browse? It may be hard to browse furniture stores in Atlanta and concentrate on selecting items with children. Tucci’s Kennesaw understands your needs as parents. We would like to provide some useful tips on how to survive furniture shopping with children.

Bring along an item.

We all know children’s attention span is very short and they need to be entertained quite frequently. Carrying a book or small game to keep your child occupied is a great choice.. We encourage you to narrow down your search in furniture stores in Atlanta and keep us on your top list. After visiting our store, you won’t need to do any more searching as we have quality and affordable pieces all in one place.

Provide a good meal.

Also, make sure your child is given a good meal before furniture shopping. Depending on how old your child is, they may want to snack as they wait for mom and dad to finish shopping. You don’t want to feel rushed by having to cut your shopping day short to find a nearby restaurant to feed your child or children. Come prepared and make sure the feeding is done right before you decide to shop.

Involve them in the process.

Get your child’s buy-in to keep them occupied. If you are also looking for furniture items for your child, use it as an opportunity to ask for their opinion on what they like and don’t like. It is good practice for your child to express their likes and dislikes while in a different setting. Children love to be involved in helping mom and or dad, make it a family activity to involve your children in your furniture shopping.


We understand parenting can be overwhelming at times and we want to make it easier on you as a family. Come see how we can turn your home into a better space for you and your family. Each family can find something special from our inventory to convert your home into a cozy and pleasant living space.


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