How to Make Your Rental or Bed & Breakfast More Attractive to Renters

Do you own a rental property and need to convert it into a cozy space to attract more customers before the vacation season begins? Now is the perfect time to get started on renovating your property to make some extra cash this summer. Rather, if it’s a cottage home or huge mansion, our tips will send you on your way to a successful renovation and hopefully a fatter bank account. Tucci’s wants to share some tips to make your rental or bed and breakfast more attractive to renters.

Transform your rental into a cottage theme.

For a tiny space, cottage home furniture may be just the touch you need to keep your business booming this summer. Customers look for a completely different experience when booking a place to stay for a short period of time. A cottage themed bed and breakfast brings a certain elegance and charm that will make your property unique and trendy. For more cottage home furniture ideas, visit Tucci’s Kennesaw store for some tips and advice. Our inventory is stocked with cottage home pieces you will fall in love with.

Choose rustic modern décor.

For a comfortable experience that will send your reviews off the chart, choose rustic modern decor for your rental or Airbnb. By adding rustic modern décor, you will present a chic, natural, and cozy setting that can’t be repeated with other rentals. Think about your own preferences when you go on vacation and try to add that to your bed and breakfast. Add charming pieces with spunk and character to convert your space into the experience of a lifetime.

Take professional photos.

When marketing your bed and breakfast, hire a photographer to capture the perfect angles. When customers search for rentals, your home should look like a dream for your customers. It’s all about the presentation to attract renters. Capture each room and its character traits to highlight why choosing your rental is the way to go.


For help with selecting the perfect pieces for your bed and breakfast, come visit our store today. We care about your business and want to see our customers happy.


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