How to Make Your Living Space a Farmhouse Style Theme

The interior design industry has been buzzing with the increase in popularity of the farmhouse style. The farmhouse style represents closeness to nature, wholeness, and imperfection. It transcends from being décor to a lifestyle. Farmhouse style is characterized by open breathable spaces, lighter colors, and cozy charm. The best part about this style is, you don’t have to live in a farmhouse to get it, simply hook up with a specialized furniture store like us to transform your living space. You don’t have to search for any more furniture stores in Atlanta. Tucci’s has what you need, here are some tips to reshape your home. Read on for four tips on how to make your living space a farmhouse style theme.

Add some shiplap.

Shiplap is a type of board made of wood used in homes, sheds, outbuildings, and barns. It is commonly used to overlap, creating a unique and trendy look for most farmhouse themed designs. Nothing screams farmhouse like shiplap, especially in rustic wood color.

Upgrade your kitchen sink.

Farmhouse style is best known for its practicality in the design of furniture pieces and decor. If it’s not practical, then it isn’t farmhouse. Apron sinks are a farmhouse staple and could really transform your home. They are not only a unique way to represent the farmhouse style, but they are also helpful.

Farmhouse tables near me.

You don’t need a custom furniture builder to help you get your farmhouse style ready to go.  You can visit our store as we have a wide selection in farmhouse design. We also have decor that complements the builder’s work with sparse decorations of vintage accessories to brighten up your home.

Mix old and new pieces.

Have you been searching for ‘farmhouse tables near me’ for quite some time? Look no further because Tucci’s is one of the best furniture stores in Atlanta, and we have the best selection to convert your home into the look you desire. Try mixing old and new pieces to cut down on your search and costs. Mixing old and new pieces make all the difference when you are revamping your interior design.


Come visit us today as we are one of the best furniture stores in Atlanta who can make your dreams a reality.


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