4 Tips for Adding Rustic Modern Décor

Rustic modern decor is when old-world elements meet contemporary design.

It is a great way to give character to your living space and reclaim a forgotten history. This décor can take you through cozy, saturated tones, and harmonious designs to achieve the look you desire. Here are some delightful tips from Tucci’s to get the modern rustic décor in your home you are seeking.

Keep the Wood and The Chandelier

In your kitchen or living room, don’t hold back on smooth brown wood. Set reclaimed wood conference tables, shelves, and woods on the ceiling. Splurge on chairs covered in fur giving you the picture of an old-world chief coming to dinner. Finally, go modern with a large and stunning chandelier to light up your rustic modern setting. Come visit us at Tucci’s to browse our cottage home furniture in stock – you won’t be disappointed!

Use Colors

How about some contemporary trendy colors set against a backdrop of wooden floors and concrete countertops? Try colors like celery-green, aqua blue, and girly pink to complement your rustic modern decor. Use them on cabinets, wardrobes, and walls to set a country inspired theme in a modern day home.

Collectibles and Rustic Elements

Your décor inspiration could be as simple, yet bold as placing contemporary artwork against mid-century collectibles or old-world portraits. Search for something bold and rustic. Place it over a brick fireplace and choose an equally dominating spot for other modern items. The beauty of the two worlds’ synergy is irresistible.

Aim for Warm and Cozy

Design the part of the home where your windows are, to show off the landscape by adding a laid back wooden chair. Invest in some cottage home furniture to stand naturally in your living room bathed frequently with the light from your window. Place neatly cut birth branches by the fireplace in a large vase.


This can be quite the chore to set up, but you can always reach out to Tucci’s, one of the best furniture stores in Atlanta for a diverse pick of cottage home furniture and unexpected designs. Recreate your ideal home décor with the right tools and professionals by your side.

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