3 Rustic Wood Furniture Ideas for Your Living Space

Rustic modern décor brings old and new designs together. It reminds homeowners all of a time when spaces were simpler and more original. Whether you live in the country surrounded by beautiful mountains or in the middle of the city in a high-rise apartment you can tie in a rustic modern decor theme to your living space. It is easy to do and Tucci’s can show you how to do it. Keep reading for some inspiration on rustic wood furniture ideas to make your home pop.

A subtle hint of rustic modern décor.

To cut down on cost and waste you can add a few pieces here and there in your home to bring out a rustic theme. A subtle hint of rustic modern decor sprinkled through your home makes for the perfect alteration. We, at Tucci’s, have the perfect pieces to jump-start the redecorating process. Come see us today for some rustic wood furniture ideas and tips.

Invest in a few pieces of new furniture.

To transform an area, you can add a chandelier, coffee table, or a bookcase, to get the look you want. It doesn’t have to be a total renovation to incorporate a rustic theme. Keep in mind rustic ties in old and new pieces. Some of your old pieces can be touched up to complement your new pieces. We can show you how to get started right here at Tucci’s.

Create a floor plan.

Before making an investment, we recommend making a floor plan. The idea is to analyze thoroughly how you can reshape your space wisely before making any hard commitments. The more equipped you are in converting your living space, the happier you will be in the process of redecorating. Bring your floor plan to us and we can do the rest.

Leave the rest to Tucci’s!

If you are in need of a search for some new furniture and don’t know where to start, come visit our store in Kennesaw. We have a wide selection of rustic modern decor to fit your needs and wants.


We hope these tips were useful in your journey to upgrading your home to match rustic modern decor. For more help, visit us at Tucci’s, we have a team who can get you started today on your new transformation.


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