3 Reasons Furniture Financing Could Work for You

Buying quality, comfortable furniture for your home is a great investment. When it comes to designer furniture Tucci’s is the store you can count on. Our unique style in furniture design will be breath taking to your visitors and well worth it. No matter your life-style, at Tucci’s we design top-notch furniture to fit it. Best of all at Tucci’s your budget is no worries, because we make it easy to finance. Check out 3 reasons our no credit check furniture financing will work for you.  

No need to compromise on the furniture you desire.

Your beautiful home deserves high-quality furniture. Every homeowner has an idea of the type of furniture that will complement their life-style and fit perfectly in their home. At Tucci’s we have  the perfect furniture pieces you desire for every corner of your home. Want something rustic for the dining room area? We have it. Need something practical and comfortable for the living room area? We have it. At Tucci’s we have quality furniture at an affordable price, so there is no need to compromise.  

Fast and effective way to furnish your home

Our no credit check furniture financing provides a fast way to furnish your home and be on your way. With this plan you are only required to pay $50 down and the next 90 days are interest free. You can start enjoying your quality furniture, all in a few steps. Atlanta’s best furniture store Tucci’s is here to help you solve your furniture needs. All you need to do is choose the furniture of your dreams and use our no credit check furniture financing to make it a reality. It’s fast, simple and affordable.

Peace of mind, knowing your home furniture needs are complete

As a homeowner you probably have a long list of needs to create the perfect home for your family. Browse our website, find your style, visit our warehouse, and choose the home furniture for you. Then use our no credit check furniture financing to complete this process. You and your family will soon be enjoying the beautiful furniture you desire from Tucci’s wide selection. Have the peace of mind you need knowing your furnishing needs have been met.


Come see us today, we know you will be pleased with our many selections. You are also welcome to give us a call at (770) 429-5550. We look forward to servicing you.


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