3 Decorating Tips on Creating a Rustic Modern Bedroom

Bedrooms are as unique as the individual. In today’s modern world there is still a desire to add a touch of rustic style to our bedroom. Perhaps it’s the romantic part of our style that desires a down to earth style with our modernism. Whatever your reason may be, designing a rustic modern bedroom where you can relax at the end of the day is simple. Here are 3 decorating tips you can use to get the look and feel of a beautifully designed rustic and modern bedroom.    

Mix Materials

The idea of mixing the older rustic with the more modern is not a new concept. You can use an old crate next to a modern nightstand. Combining a modern lamp next to a modern sitting area in your bedroom will help create the effect as well. Using rustic finishes in a modern fashion by combining materials is the key to the rustic-modern look and feel. This combination will help you enjoy the old fashion coziness of your bedroom while still maintaining the modern feel.

Add Old Fashioned Charm to Luxury

The key to a rustic modern bedroom is to add charm to luxury. Think of the days when beams were exposed and add a modern curtain rail to it. There are many ways to maintain the charm of your bedroom without compromising luxury. An old fashioned rug can be combined with a modern television stand. Consider a rustic headboard for your bed, with modern bedside lamps.

Create a Relaxing Haven

Walking into your bedroom should give you a relaxing feeling. Try a canopy style bed or stone walls, dark furniture, pale lighting, these will all help to create the atmosphere you need when it’s time to retire to your room. An old fashioned fireplace with a modern, maybe rounded headboard is another idea on creating a rustic modern bedroom. Let Tucci’s help you create the look and feel you want for your bedroom. Call us today at 770-429-5550.

At Tucci’s we can help you design the bedroom of your sweet dreams.

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