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Shelley Santucci...

is very proud to share with you her life’s work that is now Tucci’s Unique Furnishings & Accessories.

Years of experience and vision have influenced what you see today. Tucci’s Unique Furnishings & Accessories has been a long developed dream for us. We have created exciting showrooms and first class customer service. Its not just a furniture purchase at Tucci’s, Its an experience like no other.

My experience as a furniture dealer started when I was just a child. My parents owned and operated an antique store in Pennsylvania, where I spent endless summer days rummaging through dusty attics and garages in search of unique furniture. I found it strange that people would store their extra furniture in their garages and attics instead of simply tossing it out. A family might purchase a new kitchen table, but the old table may house the memories of their children eating their first Christmas dinner together. It was then that I realized that every piece of furniture had a history and a story to tell. Furniture doesn’t just fill our homes, it enriches our lives. Eventually, summers started to get shorter as I grew taller and embarked on my journey through life. I started in the furniture industry in 1986 in the valley of the sun Arizona before moving to Georgia to open up Tuccis. For many years I have enjoyed bringing families together through furniture. Now, with Tucci’s I can bring the joy of furniture to everyone. We want Tucci’s to be your common household name when you think of adding warmth, beauty, character and comfort to your home.


Shelley Santucci

As a young adult I fell in love...

with the beauty and sophistication of renaissance art and architecture.

I was fortunate enough to spend several years in France where I was bathed in the culture of the renaissance. Armed with knowledge I traveled to the opposite of the globe to New Mexico, to begin a career in furniture. The painted sky’s and desolate desert’s of New Mexico inspired me to pursue a business in hacienda furnishings. I was successful in taking a small business to the large market of Phoenix Arizona. Shelley and I crossed paths in Arizona. We both have a passion for furniture and together, our passion can bring a new level of success.

Sincerely, Diana Von Seeger


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